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14 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Live By

1. Natural make-up remover – Use vegetable oil to get rid of eye and facial make-up. Massage the oil into your skin to interrupt up the make-up then wipe off with cotton.

2. Make-up on the run – combine your foundation together with your moisturizer and apply as a tinted moisturizer. Do identical with concealer by mix it with some eye cream. The creamy texture blends in terribly swimmingly achieving a natural made-up look.
3. Keep your skin hydrous – throughout the hotter months of the year, use a facial mist to spritz your face. you’ll conjointly use this on prime of make-up for a wet look.

4. Quick-dry nails – Dip your painted nails during a bowl of ice to dry them quickly.

5. Disguise broken nail-polish – By adding a layer of glitter or rough nail enamel. you’ll keep a manicure going for over per week.

6. Multi-tasking beauty product – generally our skin changes from dry to oily because of the weather, hormones, stress or diet. instead of discard your ointment, use it as a balm for your feet or as a ointment.

7. Pop symptoms the good approach – If you need to pop a pimple or have done therefore accidentally, wipe with witch hazel to kill the microorganism. Then place associate ice-cube on the realm for 10 minutes. this may facilitate to assuage the inflammation.

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8. Nail stickers – Enhance your nail skills by victimization nail stickers. to form them look a lot of authentic, seal them with a coat of greatcoat. this may facilitate them last longer.

9. take away nail enamel while not remover – If you’ve run out of remover, apply a transparent coat of polish on the nail and take away now with cotton.

10. Dry out symptoms – Dab dentifrice on a pimple and leave it long. Wash your face as was common within the morning.

11. big day make-up – Apply make-up earlier within the day thereby giving it time to settle. it’ll conjointly look a lot of natural and you’ll be less hurried once you’re preparing.

12. Soft lips – Rub your lips with a heat damp artifact in the dead of night to get rid of flaky, dry skin. Follow with a coat of unction.

13. Young hands – Keep your hands immature by moisturizing typically. Exposure to the weather causes our hands to age quicker than alternative elements of the body.

14. Exfoliate – Use associate exfoliating wash or scrub a minimum of once per week to urge obviate dead skin, thereby keeping your skin at its best.

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