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Shoulders in Just 15 Minutes

Step 1. Arm Circles

Hold your arms straight bent the perimeters with palms facing up. Circle forward ten times, then backward ten times. Flip your palms so that they face the ground and repeat the sequence.

Step 2. Walking Lunges

Start along with your|along with your} feet along and breakthrough with your right leg (shown, close to right).


Go into a lunge, keeping your knee over your mortise joint (far right). Then, in one motion, straighten and lunge forward along with your left leg. Continue for ten improvement. Then spin and lunge ten additional times back to wherever you started.

Step 3. Jumping Jacks

Do 30. Keep your arms straight and take care to boost all of them the approach higher than your head.

The Moves

Strong shoulders not solely look smart in clean A-one however conjointly facilitate ease muscle tension within the neck and also the spine and might improve posture. These moves target all of your shoulder muscles and―bonus―work your legs, rear end, and abs, too.

Move 1: Lateral Raise With Stationary Lunge

Begin in a very lunge position along with your right foot forward, left foot behind you, and left leg slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell in every hand, along with your arms at your sides and palms facing inward (shown, close to right).

Bend your legs that the back knee nearly touches the ground. whereas down within the lunge position, raise your arms straight bent the perimeters to make a T (far right). Pause, then lower your arms and are available duplicate. Complete ten to twelve reps. Switch legs and repeat on the opposite facet.


Move 2: Hammer Curl With Press

Holding the dumbbells at your sides along with your palms facing inward, stand on your left leg and lift your right knee therefore your thigh is parallel to the ground. Bend your elbows and produce the weights to your shoulders in a very hammer curl (shown, close to right).


Press the weights upward and straighten your arms therefore your elbows square measure next to your ears (far right). Lower the weights to your shoulders, then all the way down to your sides. Repeat ten to twelve times. Switch legs and complete the series once more.

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